Getting rid of stress through the "Corpse's Pose"

In Yoga, restless or frantic practice does not do you any good. Tension and relaxation are important points. The effects of Savasana consist in relaxing the whole body and relieving the body and the mind from tension. If you become skilled in Savasana, you will be able to get the same rest as one hour of sleeping only with a few minutes of Savasana. When you get tired during practicing Asana, you should always take this pose and rest.

[1] Lie on your back and bring legs apart at an angle of 15 degrees. (The angle between legs.) Keep your arms a little bit away from your trunk and place your hands naturally on the floor with palms turned upward. Close your eyes gently.
[2] Be aware of each area of the body and relax it, starting with the tips of the body, namely, fingertips and toes, slowly moving toward the heart.
[3] Relax the whole body and remain in that state.
[4] To finish this pose, firstly clench your fists, turn over your ankles tightening the whole body, and then relax. After this, bend your knees and elbows, tighten the body again, and release at once. And then, get up from Savasana slowly.

The Bending forward asana
The Head to Knee Posture

[1] Sit extending the legs straight in front.
[2] Bend the left knee and place the let heel to the groin. Keep the outer side o f the left thigh and left calf on the floor.
[3] Extend the arms and hold the big toe of the right foot with the thumb and the index finger of the right hand. Next hold it with the same fingers of the left hand, overlapping with the right knee. (picture 8)
[4] Exhale by contracting the abdomen in position 3 and inhale by loosening it.
[5] While inhaling slowly, straighten the waist, raise the chin, and bend the back backward. When taking a full breath, hold the breath and remain this way for 5 seconds. (picture 9)
[6] Exhale slowly, bend the trunk forward by loosening the chin, the back and the waist, and touch the forehead to the right knee. At this time, the elbows touching both sides of the right knee are placed on the floor, and the back is hunched up. (picture 10)
[7] Exhale and bend the trunk further. Bring in the right big toe with both hands and slide the forehead from the knee toward the ankle. At the same time, the chest and abdomen touch the right leg, and the back is straightened. Stop exhaling when the trunk touoches the right leg tightly, and keep this position for 10 seconds.
[8] Inhaling slowly, return the head to the knee, raise the trunk and return to Position 3. Release both hands from the big toe of the right foot slowly and return to Position 1.
[9] After a brief rest, do the same with the other leg in the same manner.
NOTE: It is important through the whole process not to bend the knee of the extended leg. If you cannot hold the big toe, you should start with what you can hold (i.e. the knee, then the ankle, and gradually go to the big toe.)

The Stretching asana
The Cobra's Posture

[1] Lie on your stomach with the forehead on the floor.Bend the elbows and rest the palms flat on the floor by the side of the chest. Raise the elbows and touch the arm to the trunk. Extend the legs, keeping the feet together with the toes pointed. (picture 11)
[2] Inhaling slowly, raise the head by rubbing the forehead, then the nose, and finally the chin against the floor, and bend backward until only the chest and below remain on the floor. (picture 12)
[3] Then bend backward further and deeper supporting the trunk with both hands.(Keep the abdomen on the floor.)
[4] Extend both arms and bend backward still further until only the pubis (public bone)remains on the floor. (picture 13)
[5] Finally, bend backward as far as you can and hold the breath. Contract the anus and stay in this position for 5 seconds.
[6] Exhale slowly and return to position 1 in the reverse order.

The Twisting asana
The Triangular Posture with Twising

[1] Stand erect with the legs wide apart.
[2] Inhaling slowly, raise both hands with palms facing down until they come in line with the shoulders. Keep the arms extended straight. (picture 14)
[3] Exhaling slowly, bend down while twisting left until the right hand touches the floor just outside the left leg. Be careful that both arms make a straight line. Look at the left fingertips. (picture 15)
[4] Exhale and hold the breath and the position (3)for 10 seconds.
[5] Inhaling slowly, go back to position(2).
[6] Exhaling slowly, go back to the erect standing position.(Position 1)
[7] After a brief interval, repeat the same process twisting the other way.