1.This body is impure

2.All senses are suffering
3.This mind is transient
4.Fixed Ideas Are Not of the True Self

The Four Stations of Mindfulness

Part 1 - "This body is impure"

The "True Self" (the real yourself) is pure and clean. Therefore, it is essentially repelled from impure things. But nobody has taken notice of this truth. That is why you need this meditation. The objective is to make your True Self realize that your body is impure, and detach itself from the body, through this meditation.

"This body of mine is impure."

If you don't take a bath for a month, you will be damp and smelly; you will be covered with grime and start to itch.

Also, if you exercise, you will sweat and become dirty much faster than usual. Therefore, your body is dirty. If you leave it without care, it becomes dirty by itself. This is because it is impure by nature.

The delicious foods that you enjoy are excreted from your body as urine and feces, which are considered dirty. If urine and feces are dirty, it can be inferred that the body, which produces them inside itself, is also dirty.

Furthermore, the body ages and falls sick. If it were originally pure and clean, such things would not occur.

Hence, the body is not pure, nor clean; it is dirty, it is impure. Moreover, it is a cause of sufferings such as sickness and aging. So, what is the use of being attached to such a body? What is the use of saying, "This body is me; this body is mine."

If the True Self realizes that, it means to know the real figure of yourself.

As elementary meditation, think about the various situation of the body and try to understand that it is impure. By doing only this you will gradually get effects such as not feeling pain or suffering, even when sick or hurt.