1.This body is impure
2.All senses are suffering
3.This mind is transient
4.Fixed Ideas Are Not of the True Self

The Four Stations of Mindfulness

Part 3 - "This mind is transient"

In this meditation, we approach the enlightenment through the following process:

1.The mind is transient;
2.Therefore, it is a cause of suffering;
3.Therefore, it is not my True Self;
4.Therefore, I must detach myself from it and become enlightened (I must detach my True Self from my mind).

The point here is to realize through meditation that "the mind is transient". You cannot go into the next proposition unless you realize this fully. Conversely, once you have mastered it, the rest of the proposition should be absorbed smoothly.

Now let us think specifically about what we should do to practice this meditation effectively. First of all, let us think about the significance of detaching our soul (True Self) from the mind.

The soul (True Self) is an entity with pure and illuminating wisdom. It means that it exists by itself, independent of everything else. However, because of illusion, it identifies itself with the mind. Therefore, when the mind is hurt or sad, it mistakenly thinks that it itself is in pain. This is the root cause of pain and suffering in human beings.

But there is something even more serious. It is the case of attachment or clinging. Suppose your mind is attached to something and the True Self mistakenly believes that the attachment is its own. Then, this misbelief can easily become the cause of its own transmigration and subsequent misfortunes.

Suppose that there is a politician who has a strong ambition for power. He will probably be attached to the power until the moment of his death. What if he dies in such a state of mind? If he is the type who tries to gain power by force, he will be reborn as an animal that lives in a group. For example, he may be reborn among the monkeys which have a society based on power relationships. Or if he is the type who tries to gain power through intelligence, he will be reborn in the human realm or even in a higher realm, and will continue to monopolize power.

In order words, deceived by attachment, the True Self is made to manifest it again. Thus, it has to suffer permanently in the cycle of transmigration.

The wise members are supposed to perceive that we need to detach the True Self from the mind, eliminate its illusion and return it to its original state. Then we can break away from the cycle of transmigration. In other words, it means to attain enlightenment.

Now, let me explain the concrete way to practice this meditation. Through this, I hope you could detach your True Self from your mind and set it in the state of absolute freedom. It is because in this way, you yourself will be able to attain the world of absolute freedom and happiness (Nirvana).

How to Practice This Meditation

First, you need to find out what the object of your attachment is, that is, who or what you are attached to. Then you should imagine its attainment in meditation.

For example, if you are attracted to someone, practice the following meditation repeatedly:
You fall in love with this person;

You get married with him/her;

You live as a married couple;

You have to separate from this dear person because of death or for other reasons.

You should particularly emphasize the last scene in which you have to part from the one with whom you are attached. As you repeat it many times, it is integrated into the experience of the True Self. Your True Self observes the working of your mind during the meditation and transforms it into its own experience. Eventually, your True Self will realize: "The workings of the mind are transient and are a cause of suffering." At this point, the True Self will detach itself from the attachment.

However, at this point you probably still have a lot of other attachments. You should take one at a time, and clear it one by one in the same manner. When you have eliminated all these attachments, your True Self is detached from the mind completely. Now, let me quote some words of Buddha Sakyamuni from Agama Sutta.

"I have experienced all sort of experience imaginable. What more should I experience? Now, my life of delusion is finished. All sufferings are totally extinct. So, I will enter into Nirvana, the state of absolute freedom and happiness. I will no longer rebirth in this world."

Well, since you have aimed the way of practices, you may attain enlightenment and enter into Nirvana. It depends on your zeal and your efforts.