1.What is Pranayama?

"Prananyama" is the way to control the "Prana" (vayu, wind, life energy) that exist in all the Universe through the breathing. By doing Pranayama, one can absorb the Prana to the inside of the body and conversely expel the toxins from the inside of the body.

It is considered that the perfection of Pranayama is an indispensable condition for a high-level concentration. It is because during the "Kunbhaka" (stopping breathing, holding the breath), it is easier to concentrate the mind. The longer the time of Kunbhaka is, the more the strength of concentration increases.

The effect of pranayama

- Increases the mental concentration;
- Relieves from stress;
- Promotes the health of the body and the mind;
- Reduces the idle thoughts;
- Promotes the spiritual awakening;
- Develops intelligence;
- Improves the memory's capacity;
- Develops the inspiration.

It is said that when the stress arises in the body or the mind, the energy is sharply supplied to the whole body due to the stress reaction, what results in the lactic acid, which is a fatigue substance, being accumulated in the brain, and the brain activities becoming suppressed. Since by practicing "Pranayama" a great volume of oxygen can be sent to the brain, the fatigue substances can be decomposed by the supplied oxygen, and the brain activities can get activated.