* What are the purposes and objectives of this website? @

Well, let me explain the purposes of this website.

*The main objective of this website: @

The ultimate objective of this website is to make ourselves understood and accepted by the society. And for that purpose we have been reforming our system and have been disclosing, through many channels including this website, the internal information of Aleph as much as possible.

* How to make best of this website

You can link to this website without permission. You can link to all the pages you like without having to let us know beforehand or afterwards.

However, when reproducing or copying some of the contents, you need to satisfy some requisites.

You can reproduce, copy or quote any part of the contents for internet usages such as websites, BBS, electric conference, mailing list, mail magazine etc., provided that it is used for non profitable purposes and that the following requisites are satisfied without failure.

i) In making reproduction or quotation, any part of the contents should not be changed.

ii) The purpose, intension or meaning of the overall contents should not be spoiled. Any intended reproduction or quotation to distort the meaning of the relevant part is not allowed.

iii) When reproducing or quoting any part of the contents, make sure to clarify the source address (

For the media release, please contact us beforehand.

When reporting about this website through the newspaper, radio, television, magazines or other profitable media including on the Internet, contact us beforehand, please.

The limitation of responsibilities:

Aleph will not take any responsibility when any part of the contents is changed in reproduction or quotation and fails to sustain the overall meaning of the relevant part.

Updating is frequent. Please be ware that even the URL may change without notice.

Copyrights of the all information given in this website are reserved for Aleph. Reproducing or reporting the contents other than the top page for profitable purpose will be regard as copyright invasion.

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