Chapter 1: To live a better life
To accumulate virtuous deeds and to wash off unvirtuous deeds: This is the practice of Buddhism

Through our workings of body, speech and mind, we are constantly accumulating three kinds of karmas: virtuous deeds, unvirtuous deeds, or deeds which are neither virtuous nor unvirtuous. So, in order to purify our karma and achieve true happiness, it is necessary to wash off our unvirtuous deeds accumulated in the past, at the same time as we accumulate virtuous deeds.
It means to clear off the unvirtuous deeds by positively experiencing the suffering, but the most important point here is to be able to think "my suffering has its cause in myself."

Everybody has virtuous deeds and unvirtuous deeds, and the balance between them defines not only this life but also the next life.


Both processes are necessary: to accumulate hard the virtuous deeds, and to wash off the unvirtuous deeds.

We are constantly doing acts of body, speech and mind day by day. And among them, there are some actions of the body, some words or some workings of the mind, which unconsciously are not appropriated for the Truth. Of course, once you have attained the state of True Victors, such workings are completely extinguished. However, even after you have attained, you must clear off your accumulated karmas of speech, body or mind that you have done until then.

(September 23, 1992 - at Sakai)


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