Chapter 1: To live a better life
To attain your wishes, start from accumulating merit

If you accumulate "merit", you can move the phenomena to the desired direction. And if you want to make sure that your accumulated merit will return as the fulfillment of your wishes, you should decide the one wish you really want to fulfill and concentrate on this. But since merit is something rapidly consumed, it is necessary to incessantly keep accumulating it.

Even if you have merit, if it is leaking from here and there, your wishes still will not be attained. Insufficient merit = Lack of the energy to attain the wishes
The way to protect from leakage:
Observance of Precepts
The way to accumulate merit:
Taking refuge in the Three Treasures

To attain your wishes:
*Accumulate merit
*Do not use your merit for other things

No matter how wonderful car you have, it will not run if it is out of gasoline.

In the same manner, even if you are healthy and clever, once your wish is situated in a higher level, you can not attain this only by your good health or cleverness. What we need is the energy, or gasoline, called "merit". And, in this human world which is no more than only the fourth from the bottom, one who has merit can, even if he is not so healthy or clever enough, or even if he has some faults in his character, obtain power, money or authority, and control or lead people.

Why does it happen? Please think of a destination. Even if the car is cheep, you are sure to reach the destination as long as you put gasoline and do not overuse the car. On the contrary, even if you have a wonderful car, it can never reach to the destination if you do not put gasoline into it. So first, I would like you to practice the first law, which is to accumulate merit.

(August 1, 1991 at Satian 2)


4-1 To attain your wishes, start from accumulating merit
4-2 Taking Refuge in the Three Treasures
4-3 Five Precepts


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