Chapter 1: To live a better life
The Law of Karma - No. 4-2: Taking Refuge in the Three Treasures

Taking refuge in the Three Treasures assures you not only happiness in this life, but also in the future lives.

Guru / Great Lord Shiva / All True Victors

The Buddha, the Guru as an incarnation body of Buddha, or the Great Lord Shiva, who is his root God. Taking refuge in these Trinity. And taking refuge in its Law, the Truth preached by the Guru. And finally, taking refuge in the gathering that is practicing the Truth. This is "Taking Refuge in the Three Treasures". And to mention what is the meaning of "taking refuge", it is to serve or offer to the Three Treasures, or to spread its teachings.

(January 1, 1991 at Hiroshima)

4-1 To attain your wishes, start from accumulating merit
4-2 Taking Refuge in the Three Treasures
4-3 Five Precepts


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