Chapter 1: To live a better life
The Law of Karma - No. 4-3: Five Precepts

Merit is quickly consumed. So it is indispensable the practice for not to leak the merit which we have accumulated. That is the precepts.

Do not kill

Do not steal what was not given to you Do not commit sexual misconduct

Do not lie
Abstain from alcohol, cigarette and so on

Apparently, it seems in our everyday life that we are living freely. However, actually we are no more than under the restriction of our karma. And such actions done under the restriction of karma will give us a "freedom" based on another new suffering.
The soul who wants to be free from suffering must firmly decide the frame for his life, and live in a way to not deviate from this frame. That is the precepts.

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4-1 To attain your wishes, start from accumulating merit
4-2 Taking Refuge in the Three Treasures
4-3 Five Precepts


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