Chapter 1: To live a better life
The Law of Karma - No.5: What we can obtain by practicing the Truth

If you practice in the right manner, you can naturally attain the fulfillment of worldly wishes. Besides, since in the practice of Truth we do not neglect accumulating merit, even if we fulfill our wishes, we do not have to suffer in the future.
And in the extension of the fulfillment of worldly wishes, there are the maturity of mind, the spiritual development, the possibility of reborn in higher worlds, and ultimately, the state of enlightenment and realization.

Use it after working and accumulating
You can buy even if you do not have money on hand (even getting into debt)


**,**,** +1,000 20,000
**,**,** +1,500 15,000
**,**,** +1,200 10,000
**,**,** +2,700 0


**,**,** +12,000 20,000
**,**,** +3,000 20,000
**,**,** 0 30,000
**,**,** 0 60,000

Accumulating merit in a proper manner, unvirtuous deeds will be liquidated; so you will be wealthy in the true sense.

Merit gets run out because one tries to fulfill his wishes by force with very little merit accumulated. Moreover, unvirtuous deeds (debts) will be accumulated.

Enlightenment, Realization

Happy rebirth
Spiritual development
Stability of mind

Maturity of mind
Fulfilling wishes reasonably with surplus merit

If you practice offering, serving, or observance of precepts, which are the base for lay members' practices, you should be able to accumulate great merit. If you direct this merit to a certain worldly phenomenon and wish this phenomenon should turn out to be like this or that; for example, if you wish a wonderful lover to come out, or if you wish to reborn as human realm in a rich family and have a wealthy life... if you have any of such wishes, it will surely be fulfilled. A lot of lay members have experienced that.

January 19, 1999 at Sapporo


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