Chapter 1: To live a better life
The Law of Karma - No.8-1: The Three Paths of Energy

There are 72,000 nadis (Channels) in our body, through which passes energy. Among them, the most important Channels are Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. The nadis get clogged by the works of mind; therefore, the point for practices is to promptly purify these clogs and to ascend the energy.

The Three Channels
Among these 72,000 Channels, the three are of special importance. They are: Sushumna in the center, Ida on the left, and Pingala on the right.

*Ida (The left Channel)
Ida starts on the left side of the coccyx, goes through the Chakras on its way and ends on the left side of the Ajna Chakra. This channel carries the energy of Obscuration. In other words, when the energy runs smoothly in this channel, one is overcome by Obscuration.

*Pingala (The Right Channel)
Similarly, Pingala starts on the right side of the coccyx, goes through the Chakras and ends on the right side of Ajna Chakra. It carries the energy of Malevolence. In other words, when this channel is clear, one becomes hot and malevolent.

*Sushumna (The Central Channel)
Sushumna, or the central channel, carries the energy of Attachment, which includes the attachment to sex, attachment to food, and so forth. These stress energies are sublimed as Kundalini and go up this channel. If Sushumna is clogged, there is no ascent of Kundalini, hence one has a lot of attachments. The only way to get rid of these attachments is to purify the central channel.

From Tathagata Abhidhamma Book 1


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