#Appeal to Aleph followers to Contribute to Charities

Repenting at the series of Aum Shinrikyo-related incidents, a religious group Aleph concluded the contract to compensate for the damages and for the last two years it has carried it out with due sincerity.

From now on while performing the contract, we as individuals will appeal to the followers to dispense charities as follows.

(1) Donation to the victims of the September 11th terrorist attack in the USA.

(2) Donation to the victims of the war against terror including Afghan refugees.

(3) Support to help solve problems of refugees and poverty in Islamic society etc. that are said to provide breeding grounds.

The September 11th terror attack in the U.S.A., which claimed 5000 people or more, was followed by the anthrax incidents and the war against terror that was initiated by the U.S. military forces targeting Afghanistan, thus causing victims of civilians and tens of thousands of refugees. The number of victims is on the rise day by day.

Although Aleph has nothing to do with these incidents, but considering the grave impact of the Aum incidents on these atrocities, we think it is also our bounden duty to relieve them.

We also think that other than supporting victims of the on-going anti-terrorism war, we should somehow contribute to prevent future terrorism by actively performing charities to solve social and environmental problems. These problems include the gap in the income level between developed and developing countries, poverty, starvation, global environmental problems etc.

Therefore, a religious group Aleph appeals to the followers for supporting these charities for the sake of the compensation for Aum Shinrikyo's activities in the 20th century as well as realization of ideal society in the 21st century. Indeed, the financial burden of the compensation program that Aleph and the followers are bearing is tremendous. However, easing of on-going disasters and prevention of future tragedies are as much important for us as compensation of the past deeds and therefore it is very important for us to carry them out to show how serious we are in realizing the ideal society.

Lastly, hoping our voice to reach those who once belonged to Aum Shinrikyo and have already left us, we appeal to them, on the ground of sharing the same responsibilities, for understanding and cooperation of the above-mentioned support.

*Support for victims of the September 11th terror attack in the U.S.A.

Behind the scene of the September 11th terror attacks in the U.S.A., there are a number of suffering people including New Yorkers victimized in the attacks, Afghanistan people jeopardized in U.S.'s retaliating air bombing and refugees.

Aleph wants to appeal for donating financial support and relief supplies to those victims in the terrorism.

For the victims in the U.S., you can donate to the New York City's Victims Fund and Red Cross.

Twin Towers Fund

Fund set up by New York City Mayor Giuliani to aid the families of the New York City workers like fire brigades and policemen killed or injured in the terror attack.
Relief fund will be used to help families of the New York City fire brigades, rescue men and police officers who were killed or injured in the terror attack.

The Relief Fund for Victims in the September 11th terror attacks in the U.S.A.

Japan Red Cross' International Relief Fund is being transferred through Red Cross in U.S.A. to relief activities in the U.S.

Unbalancing the donations to the U.S., as it is reported in the Asahi etc., relief activities to support Afghan people, the other victims of the terror attack, are reportedly far from enough. As it is get very cold in winter there, it is feared that starvation and bitter coldness will much worsen the damage.

Compare to the U.S., Japan's human connections with Afghanistan are scarce and only a few of them are making every effort to collect donations and relief goods.

Major activities are:

Japan freedom Afghanistan Association (chairperson of the board: Mr. Mitsushiro Tanaka)

Mr. Tanaka who stayed in Afghanistan for weeks in October came back recently to Japan and moved across the country to raise fund from various fields and levels. In November 12th, he went to Afghanistan again to engage in the relieve activity.

Peshawal-kai (Representative: Dr. Tetsu Nakamura MD)


For long years Dr. Nakamura has been engaged in medical activity in Pakistan. Delivering speeches at places in Japan, he talks to people about less known situation of Afghanistan and actively calls for supporting refugees.

Please transfer your contribution to:
Japanese Postal Giro account # : 01790-7-6559
account name: peshawr-kai
[Please write "Inochi-no-kikin(fund for life)"]

This group purchases flours in Afghanistan and deliver them to refugees.

Please transfer your contribution to:
Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank Otsuka branch
Saving Account # : 1415181

Otsuka Mosque

Otsuka Mosque, located in Toshima-ku, Tokyo is one of the most famous Islam groups in Japan. They collect clothes and ship them in a container to Afghanistan by surface. They accept winter clothes like gowns and pull-overs, and even underwears, though underwears should be clean for hygienic reasons.

Please transfer your contribution to:
Otsuka Mosque
3-42-7 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005
Tel: 03-3971-5631

Arabu-Bunka-Kyokai (Arab Cultural Association / Representative : Jamila Takahashi)

They set up relief fund called "Gaza fund" to transfer money to Za kart Committee in Gaza district, where starvation is getting rampant.

Please transfer your contribution to:
Japanese Postal Giro account # : 00150-1-23356
Account name: Arabu-Bunka-Kyokai
[Please write "Gaza fund"]

Aleph appeals to its present members as well as former Aum Shinrikyo members for donating relief goods like clothes and financial contributions through the charity organizations and groups above.

For more information, please contanct:
TEL :03-3305-6732