#Press release on November 27, 2001

<5> Russian issues

The other day a media organ sent us an inquiry about our Russian connection. Using this opportunity, we would like to make a brief explanation about it.

Since some former Russian followers of Aum Shinrikyo were found involved in a criminal case last year, we have been carefully watching other former Russian followers.

While we are currently keeping in touch with them either by email, by telephone or by directly meeting with them, we are also informing the Security authorities in Japan of what is going on between Russia and Aleph.

For example, in a regular report submitted to the Public Security Investigation Agency on November 15 of 2001, we voluntarily attached the list of the names and addresses of Aleph followers and former Aum Shinrikyo Russian followers who are still keeping in touch with us, together with contact places of Aleph followers in Russia. We are also making an oral explanation on a regular basis to the PSIA and the MPD's Public Safety Department

We keep the relationship with former Aum Shinrikyo Russian followers because we think we need to make our new policy well understood by them, so that they will never repeat the incident. We believe our attempt is in line with the intension of Japan’s public security authorities and will be beneficial to Japanese people as well. If Russian authorities ask us to provide them similar information, we will respond to that favorably.